Throughout the years skills have been finely honed and advanced techniques have been applied. No longer tied to a brick and mortar store, we have the ability to bring the art of the cigar directly to you at your location enhancing any party or event. Boston Cigar Factory is now a ‘family’ business and two daughters have joined the fold as tabaqueras.


“As a family business we care about all of our customers and continually strive to meet their expectations. We communicate with each of our clients often and directly to ensure satisfaction. Most importantly, we truly understand that your special event is often a once-in-a-lifetime experience and we want to play a memorable part. Ultimately, great cigars are our business, but entertainment is our joy.”



Thank You Angel

In 1990, Angel Garcia left Santa Clara Cuba with eleven other men in a handmade raft to escape Fidel Castro and live in the United States.
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Can Boston Cigar Factory create a custom blend to my specifications?

Yes, as long as you specify full-bodied, medium, or mild for the filler and natural or maduro for the wrapper. We can also customize special flavors like vanilla, chocolate, cognac, or whatever you have in mind.

How far in advance do I need to book an event?

We recommend you book your event as soon as possible, as there are only so many dates available in any season. This will ensure that you get the exact time period and date that you wish.

Do your cigar rollers speak English?

Yes, in fact English is their first language. Our tabaqueros are pleased to answer your questions and describe their craft while rolling. We find that almost everyone is curious about the rolling process whether they smoke cigars or not.

Can I get a cigar roller for a corporate event in Las Vegas?

We travel anywhere. We are easy to work with and can arrange the details to your specifications.

How long does the cigar roller typically spend at an event? Can I book him/her by the hour?

Typically, entertainment lasts up to two hours or so. We charge a flat rate for rolling, and in some circumstances go on into the evening with no additional charge.

Can I smoke the cigar that is just rolled or do I have to smoke a pre-made one?

As soon as the wrapper dries—which takes minutes—you can smoke the cigar. It’s a wonderful and uniquely flavorful experience to smoke a freshly rolled cigar. There is a naturally sweeter taste. We make all of our cigars to order, so everyone gets to taste a freshly rolled cigar.

Do you have standard labels or can they be customized to my specifications?

We do offer standard labels. However, we also provide complimentary design services and have a talented in-house design team who can help create a custom label to your specifications, if you so desire. We can incorporate logos and special color schemes to fit any theme.